Sunset over St Ives Bay

About the owners

2022 update –

We’ve always loved west Cornwall and when in 2012 we had the opportunity to buy what was then a very dilapidated 3 bedroom cottage on a holiday park, we jumped at the chance.

We extensively renovated the cottage and due to its success, purchased a larger 4 bedroom lodge on the same park a couple of years later.

We couldn’t keep away and decided in 2013 to move us and our then 6 year old son down here, lock and stock. Its most certainly been a dream come true.

We sold the smaller 3 bedroom property in 2021 and then renovated the larger lodge in the winter of 2021/22. This means that the 4 bedroom lodge is now 3 bedrooms. So whilst we’ve lost a bedroom, the property has gained a lot more space (and light) by opening it up. We love the new layout and hope you do too.

The beaches are stunning, the people are friendly and food is magnificent. Plus there’s a lovely relaxed way of life making living here just about perfect. No matter how hard a day or week has been, a trip to the beach always manages to put everything into perspective.

The beaches…. There’s almost too many to choose from. Our favourite keeps changing and our hardest decision is often agreeing on which beach to go to!

It really is such a relaxed pace of life here and whenever we venture ‘up country’ we’re always astounded as to how ‘fast’ everyone lives and we can’t wait to get home.

We hope that having a holiday here in this gorgeous little corner of England will have the same magical effect on your as it does for us.